Camera Systems

CCTV in Idaho Falls

While we firmly believe in preventative measures, such as access control, we also know that if push comes to shove, everyone would rather have a video record of what happened. Modern CCTV is just the solution that combines high tech solutions, and high security solutions; thus, providing youthe peace of mind that you seek.

CCTV in Idaho FallsModern systems can be either a completely closed circuit that can only be accessed from a local DVR (digital video recorder), like traditional CCTV; or networked (meaning connected to internal network of devices. In this case, other cameras and the NVR). Even closed-circuit camera systems can be a part of a wired network, if those cameras are on a network that is entirely their own; these are called IP cameras. All networked camera systems can be accessed remotely through their video recorders, but the level of interaction and recording depends on the type and quality of the camera and its NVR (networked video recorder)

Our 40+ years of expertise in the security industry means that we are not only familiar with alarm systems but the whole package, including camera systems. Our experts will work with you to find the best solutions. These include, but are by no means limited to:

  • Vari-focal (variable focus) Cameras
  • Fisheye (360degree) Cameras
  • Long Range Night Vision
  • Flush Mount Models

And many, many more.

Camera Systems in Idaho FallsWe also understand that seeing a suspect on the approach is just as important as catching them in the act, which is why we also offer many of our cameras in weatherproof housings to mount in places like the driveway or an awning.

Having cameras is nice, but their whole purpose is lost if there is nowhere to store the video. That is why we ensure that you receive an adequate amount of storage space. Modern camera systems need their NVR’s for more than just storage. They are also what allows you the ability to access the files, or even view live while off-site. Without the NVR, a camera system is just an expensive scarecrow.

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